Elizabeth (urbanoasis) wrote in faithhill,

Vinyl Poster ...

I may be wanting to sell a Faith Hill poster I got. It is double sided, vinyl, in PERFECT condition, and exclusive. Only people who work with music companies and advertising has access to a poster like this. It rolls up like a scroll with a wooden post in the top and bottom with metal hooks on both sides of them to hang them properly. It is double sided and NOT paper ... it is vinyl. You may view the pictures at full size to observe it more closely at this url : http://shesawildone.com/PhotoAlbum/album24 ... otherwise here are the thumbnails to the images. Keep in mine I am 5 foot 3 inches when you see how much of the poster covers me from being seen.

Please email me at webmaster@shesawildone.com if you may be interested in buying this before I put it on ebay.
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